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Why Blogging Matters For Your Business

by | Jul 10, 2018

Blogging has become one of (if not thee) most important ways to market your website online. Any website you build nowadays usually has a blog already included along with an RSS feed that automatically distributes your blog content to various search engines.

Admittedly I was one of the last stubborn holdouts when it came to blogging and didn’t see the value early on. I figured people likely don’t care what I am writing and my time could be better used elsewhere. What’s the actual point anyway if I don’t see immediate results in my bank account?

There are a lot of webmasters even now who wonder why writing articles (that people may not even read) is necessary. No doubt the process can be tedious, especially when you’re not sure what the end goal is suppose to be.

For that very reason we’ve created a simple list of reasons why people blog, why you should too, and what you have to gain when it’s all said and done…

The 8 Reasons Why Blogging Actually Matters For Your Business

Blogging Keeps Your Website Active – People who visit websites go there to view new content, not things they’ve seen or heard already. A website that doesn’t change gets boring fast and all but guarantees your audience will lose interest. It’s important to keep adding fresh content to your website and blogging is one of the easiest (and most logical) ways to do so.

Blogging Helps Boosts Your SEO Results – Websites that are updated frequently carry more weight with search engines than websites that remain stagnant. Regularly updating your blog will help inform Google your website contains new and relevant information people will care about. Blogging will also help build domain authority and page authority which is a big ranking factor in overall search results.

Blogging Make Sharing Content Easier – If your looking for a cost effective way to promote your website blogging is the answer. Sharing a blog post only takes seconds and doesn’t make you come off as a spammer or solicitor. You can use your articles on social media pages, groups, communities, bookmarking sites or submit your RSS feed to countless locations. By adding social media buttons to your website chances are people will share your best content for you as well.

Blogging Drives Traffic To Your Website – The main point of blogging is to get someone interested in your article to click on your website through an effective call to action. If you strategically include links in your posts leading back to your home page or landing page this is where a source of major traffic can come from. Your blog is your foot in the door to to a whole new audience you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Blogging Generates Extra Sales For Your Business – Ding, ding, ding! Once your blog post brings someone to your website here’s your chance to introduce your product or service. Your website will of course need to be up to par in order to convert traffic into sales but if done properly you have a new stream of leads and potential customers.

Blogging Gives Your Business Credibility – If someone visits your website after reading your article chances are you said something they liked. Blogging is a great way to prove you know your stuff establishing trust and credibility with your audience. If you want someone to do business with you they should believe you know what you’re talking about. A good blog is your official verification.

Blogging Allows You To Make Connections With Others – A business website, first and foremost, is meant to be a marketing tool designed to help promote your business. Unfortunately however even a great website lacks the personal touch of meeting or talking to a customer in person. A well written blog gives people a sense of who you are and why they’d want to do business with you face to face.

Blogging Lets You Build Your Own Links – One of the main goals of any blog post is that people will share it on social media or better yet link to it from their own website. Backlinks are a key component of SEO and play arguably the biggest factor in your overall search engine rankings. You will need to do your part to promote each article your create but if you do quality backlinks will eventually come to you!

It should also be mentioned you don’t need to blog on your website alone, it’s a great strategy to guest post for other websites as well. You also want to invite other reputable authors to post on your blog as well as it’s a great way to expand your connections. Remember if you’re wanting others to share your content be sure you open the door to returning the favour whenever possible.

Jeff Moyer – Professional Web Developer & Blogger

Jeff is the owner of Advance Web Solutions a web development and digital marketing company based in Calgary, Canada. He is a 10+ uear veteran in the web design industry and blogger for several high profile websites. To contact Jeff regarding any web realted services please visit our website or email info@advamcewebsolutions.ca for more information.