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Terms & Conditions

Advance Web Solutions operates under the following terms and conditions as it relates to our working relationship with our clients. Throughout this page our company is indicated as “Advance” and our clients are indicated as “The Client”.

Clients are required to read and sign off on all terms and conditions before any web design project begins

Website Security

Advance will recommend the best security measures possible for The Client’s website and will install and monitor them accordingly. The level of security provided does depend on the budget allocated by our client, with both free and paid options available. Paid options will provide a higher level of security and protection then unpaid versions. No website can however be 100% secure at all times and are prone to hacking, spyware, malware, viruses and other security breaches. These are unfortunately beyond our control therefor Advance accepts no legal or financial responsibility for any security issues that may occur. The Client assumes any financial responsibility for any repairs, fixes or updates to their website as needed. Advance does keep backups of client websites regularly and are in most cases able to restore The Client’s website at no cost.

Contract Details/Quality Assurance

For smaller scale web design projects Advance typically provides clients a PROJECT AGREEMENT FORM put in place for the protection of both parties. The Project Agreement Form outlines the services agreed upon, cost for each service, the estimated completion date and any details pertaining to ownership of the website once complete. For larger scale web design projects we are able to put together a more comprehensive CONTRACT (at the client’s request) that goes into more specific detail such as project timelines, how materials will be supplied, project benchmarks and payment intervals. The Client is welcome to have their lawyer(s) or other legal representation review the contract and make any revisions if/when necessary.

Project Completion Dates/Additional Charges

The estimated completion date for any project will be indicate on the Project Agreement form or contract after agreed upon by both parties. Please note this is an APPROXIMATE deadline only the finish date of any project could be less or more time based on a variety of factors. Our client is expected to provide certain materials on their end if as needed such as images, text, files, video, page text and anything else required to complete the job. Should these not be supplied in a timely manner this could result in the project deadline being extended and in extreme cases additional charges. The Client is also expected to provide feedback on our work in regards to any changes, edits or revisions that are necessary. If The Client is slow to respond or unavailable for feedback when needed this can also result in a deadline extension or additional charges. The Client will always be given proper advanced warning for any deadline extension or added charges that may occur.

Revisions Policy

Before any web design project begins we will always provide our clients various options and example or how they want their website to look. This includes colour, layout, navigation, images, special features and other interactivity. Advance will always make every effort to follow and instructions given by The Client and create a website that is as close to agree upon gameplan as possible. We expect The Client after reviewing our work to request changes and revisions based on the creative process, and this is done at no extra charge. Excessive revisions however (especially when they differ from the original set of instructions) can and will be considered an additional charge. For this reason we encourage The Client to do as much research as possible before the project beings (which we will assist with) to avoid client’s altering the scope of the project in mid-production. ***scope changed additional charge.

Copyright & Infringement Policies

Advance Web Solutions will not copy or replicate any existing website to the point of plagiarism or copyright infringement. This includes the design, layout, text, images or anything that would risk legal implications. Requests by The Client to do so without the written consent from the owner of the source website will not be tolerated and is grounds for termination of the current agreement. It should also be note any images found through a Google Search are not considered legal for public use. Images must be obtained or purchased through legal stock photo websites or Advance also provided photography services as well if required. Should we learn any materials provided to us by The Client are not copyright free this is also grounds for termination with no refund provided up to the last point of payment.

Morals & Ethics Policies

Advance refuses to produce or distribute any materials that do not abide by moral or ethical business standards. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, bullying, bigotry, false advertising, unwanted soliciting. abuse our anything else consider morally unacceptable. Furthermore should be find The Client found involved with any of the above this is ground for termination of the current agreement. Should any laws be broken they will be reported to the authorities without hesitation.

Communication Process During Web Design Projects

Advance will make every effort to update The Client on the status of their web design project on a regular basis as required. Our main form of communication with The Client will be through EMAIL first. This is done to keep a record of all conversations that have taken place during the web development process. Should The Client wish to discuss details by phone or in person meeting this is done by APPOINTMENT only. Constant meetings that involve a long distance of travel may also involve an additional charge. We are not in the office during non-business hours so we kindly ask to be contacted by email only during those times.

Technical Support Website, Emails, Web Hosting

Should The Client encounter any problems with their website, emails or hosting we will resolve these as quickly as possible. That being said any technical support requests are done in the order received based on how many clients we are attending to at the time. Technical support is not available by phone during non-business hours so please email us at info@advancewebsolutions.ca or click on the blue email icon (bottom right of the screen). Our hosting affiliate company www.clickhost.net (1-800-298-2993) can also be contacted directly for the quickest response time. Clickhost tech support is available 7am-4pm Monday through Friday.

Refund Policy

Advance typically charges a 30% down payment to begin any web design project. This 30% fee is refundable within 10 days of the project start date. After the 10 day period has expired the down payment is considered non-refundable for time and services rendered. For the remainder of the project balance (should the project be terminated for any reason) any charges will be determined how many additional hours we’ve worked on the project. Once paid any website materials in our possession will be turned over to The Client.

Ownership Rights & Legalities

Once a website is completed and payment has been received IN FULL The Client assumes official ownership of their site. We reserve the right however to not launch The Client’s website (or hand over any other materials we’ve produced) until the final payment has been made. Once The Client becomes the legal owner of their website they can modify, alter or change the site (minus the footer signature link) as they see fit. The Client also then reserves the right to enlist the services of any outside contractor or web design agency if they choose.

Website Updates & Maintenance Policy

Websites created by Advance can be updated by The Client wherever they have access to an internet connection. Updates by The Client are able to perform are typically limited to text, images, videos and attachments. The Client is traing on how to update their website (at no additional cost) upon request. We also provide updating services for The Client at a rate of $40/hour. If The Client choose to enlist the services of an outside party for website updates they assume all responsibility for any errors that may occur.

Domain & Hosting Ownership

The Client is welcome to user their own domain name/and or hosting service should they prefer. The Client may also request us to purchase their domain and/or hosting service (from and outside provider) to be reimbursed later. Should this be the case ownership of the domain name and/or hosting service will not be transferred over to The Client until the fees owed have been paid in full. Should The Client use our hosting service conditions are outlined in the unpaid bill policy.

Unpaid Bill Policy

If The Client is on a financing plan and installments have not been paid on time they will be notified of the outstanding bill. If a bill is overdue by a period of over 2 months then website service may be suspended (which includes email accounts) until the balance has been paid. If The Client has an unpaid bill of over 6 months ownership rights of their website (or any other materials created by us) is forfeited. Advance then reserves to right to use the website, domain name or any other materials for our own purposes to reclaim any money lost.

When Additional Charges Apply

Additional charges may apply to any of the following circumstances as it pertains to a website project:

1. If the scope of services to the original Project Agreement Form/Contract is changed or added to after the original cost has been agreed upon.

2. If The Client (or any help they enlist) update the website independently of Advance resulting in problems we need to correct. This will be done at our standard hourly rate of $40/hour.

3. If The Client is excessively late providing the proper feedback, materials or whatever else needed to complete the job according to the set due date.

4. If The Client requests immediate same day service. This will be an additional fee beyond our standard rate of $40 and hour. Same day service is available only when and if we are not already booked.

5. Any materials which need to be paid on our end (stock photos, graphics, content creation, domain name ect) will be added as a separate invoice to be reimbursed by The Client.

Advertising & Promotional Conditions

Advance reserves the right to use any material created by us for our portfolio or advertising such as blog posts, flyers, brochures, social media, newsletters without The Client’s approval. We also reserve the right to include our signature link in the bottom footer of any website we create as proof of our work. The Client or any other web development company may NOT change this link and claim ownership while using our design or framework. If The Client chooses to replace the existing website with a new website not created by Advance only then may the link be changed or removed. Failure to comply may result in legal action.

Materials Provided

Certain materials to complete a web design project may not be able to be created by us and therefor must be provided by The Client. This includes but is not limited to company logo, images, text, files/attachments, video, audio files ect. It is important we receive these in a timely manner in order to complete the web project within the expected time frame. Materials can be provided through email, dropbox, online storage, or in person on a flash drive based on The Client’s preference.

Client Conduct

The Client is expected to treat all members of the Advance staff in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Any abuse, harassment or other disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to, verbal or written abuse, excessive phone calls or emails (especially during non-business hours), or attempting to push forward the completion date of a website project. Warning will first be issued but continuous or ongoing offenses are ground for termination of any website agreement.

Our Client Guarantee

The Advance staff will conduct ourselves in a courteous, professional and helpful manner at all times. We produce work that is on time, on budget and to the level or quality expected. We update our clients regularly of the status of their website during development and value their creative input. Advance maintains that are priced are always fair and accurate based on the work requested. We monitor the security and performance of The Client’s website regularly as preventative maintenance. Advance will resolve any technical issues or website complications that may occur within a quick and reasonable time-frame.

Terms & Polices is the direct property of Advance Web Solutions and may not be copied or reproduced by other web companies, marketing or advertising companies under any circumstances. Failure to comply will be reported to authrites and legal action will be taken.


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