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Privacy Policy

Updated as of January 2019

1. Personal Information – Our website collects no personal data from our users such as name, address, phone number, email address ect. unless it is provided voluntarily. Personal information could be provided through our quote request form, newsletter, social media pages, blog comment or contact us page. Advance reserves the right to view any personal data supplied through our website for tracking and marketing purposes.

2. Spam & Soliciting: Any personal information collected by Advance Web Solutions is stored securely in our own personal client data base. This information is never at any time provided to outside parties or companies for soliciting purposes. Any spam emails that could be received by users of our website are not sent by us directly nor do we have any affiliation with these messages. Although we make our website as safe and secure as possible you use this website at your own risk.

4. Data Tracking – Our website has built in software that allows us to monitor traffic volume and other important statistical data. This includes but is not limited to, IP addresses, browser being used, time on website and specific pages, country and region, and the duration of the visit. Such data is collected for marketing purposes to analyze our website performance and to provide the best experience for our userbase.

4. Invoicing Procedures – Clients have the option to pay for services through electronic invoicing or online banking transfers. Although these are sent through a secure gateway we nonetheless recommend any credit card information or access passwords be provided to us over the phone or in person for minimum security risk. We to not accept any responsibility for transactions that have been tampered with beyond our control.

5. Cookies – At times our website may use Cookies to allow clients to keep information while using our website. By using our website you are allowing the use of Cookies in your web browser.

6. External Links – There are many websites out there who choose to link to our website, often without our consent or review. Advance does not necessarily endorse such websites nor has any affiliation with these companies. External linking is not within our control nor the content that may be found on any of these websites.

7. Website Reviews – Reviews for our web design and digital marketing services can be found on Facebook, Google Business as well as other various sources. These reviews are provided by real life clients with no pressured influence by Advance Web Solutions. We do reserve the right to ask for feedback as a way to provide better quality and service to our customers.

8. Website Login Procedures – Our clients may receive temporary access to our website to review work, update files or information or pay invoices if requested. Passwords provided are kept private at all time but we reserve the right to reset or block access to these passwords should any suspicious activity occur.

Terms & Conditions

Any website project developed by Advance Web Solutions adheres to the following legal terms and conditions. These are put in place for the protection and quality assurance of both Advance Web Solutions and our clients. Failure to comply with the following terms can and will have legal implicatations. We advise our clients to read and sign off on all Terms & Conditions before starting any web project.


Advance Web Solutions is located in Alberta, Canada but we work with clients throughout the world. If you'd like to inquire about our services please contact us through one of the following methods:

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