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Improve your game — no matter where you’re starting from. Whether you’re just learning a driver from a putter or you’ve been hitting the links for years, G2 Golf Hub can help you take your game to the next level. 

Choose from our video courses with Coach Dan or find instruction and advice on targeted topics regularly added by our in-house experts and guests. 

With the G2 Golf Hub, you can improve your golf game on your own time and at your own pace

More Than Just an App

Improving Your Game Is Important – But Golf Is A Social Sport

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G2 Golf Hub helps you go beyond the technical aspects of the game and make connections with other golfers. From newbies to pros, meet golf enthusiasts from all over, and connect over your shared love of the game.

  • Connect with other users
  • Participate in fun challenges
  • Share images with other golfers
  • Tune in to podcasts
  • Explore instructional golf tutorials for every level and aspect of the game
  • Gain access to informational webinars and new monthly content
  • Read informational posts provided by golf experts
  • Review resources for college-bound golfers
  • Get access to the G2 Exchange Hub, where you can connect with other golfers to trade tips or even equipment

Meet Coach Dan

Dan Jackson is the driving force (pun intended!) behind G2 Hub’s online golf tutorials. He has coached for over 18 years in England, mainland Europe, and the U.S., bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to G2 Golf Hub.

“Follow my lead for fun and enjoyment of the great game of golf. I guarantee you will improve in all aspects with my in-app training plan. Experienced players – I will lower your handicaps!”

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