12 Commandments of SEO 2017

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12 Commandments Of SEO 2017 for beginners


SEO is an ever evolving process and you can expect new twists and turns with each passing year. Businesses that are successful in their SEO efforts (long-term) are able to accurately predict any changes that may occur in advance.

This could include changes to Google’s algorithm, changes in technology, or the evolution of social media and other forms of internet marketing.

Although no one can be certain what will impact search engine results entirely, most SEO experts will agree on certain key components. We call these components the 12 Commandments of SEO which is a great resource for beginners to understand search engine optimization better.

Here is our short and simple video on what are the top things you’ll need to focus on if you want a top Google ranking in 2017.

Keep in mind doing all of these may be very time consuming (if not impossible) so you’ll want to zone in on the one’s that play to your strengths most. Doing 5 or 6 of these points well will likely be better than doing 10 or 11 of them poorly. Enjoy!

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This video was created by Advance Web Solutions and reflects the opinions of our company only based on research and experience. There is never one set way to do SEO and each method will vary based on the type of business and competition involved.

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